This film is set in Cario, the capital of Egypt, one of the fastest growing cities! 

Its about a group of Zabaleens who collect garbage and recylce it. Zabaleensare a group of coptic christians, who live in a village called mokattam, also known as the garbage village. The Zabaleen’s are recycling 80% of their rubbish, whereas other counrties only recyle a small proportion of their wastes. 

The zabaleens lack in education. Because the zabaleens have only ever seen, played and grew up with sorting rubbish that’s the only thing they a knowlegable off. Which is why they have started a recycling school, to try and educate the zabaleens just a little more. Two boys nabil and adham have gone on a trip to wales to see what there rubbish and recycling schemes are like.

The Foreign Garbage Company has started collecting all the rubbish, this is a problem for the zaballeens becasue in the future the zaballeens will be left with nothing. which means no work, also if the foreign garbage company starts collecting thier rubbish the zaballeens will have to start paying tax for them to collect it.


 Regenerating Exeter’s City Centre – a case study of Princesshay 



1.   Describe the location of Exeter in a short “Twitter” style comment (using 140 characters or less) (link)


Exeter is a small historic city located in the south west of England/Devon.



2.   What do you think is meant by the term “urban redevelopment”? (link)

The process of which large areas, industrial lands and rundown housing areas are restored.


3.   Explain the reasons why Exeter City Council decided to redevelop Princesshay. Based on the photographic evidence, do you agree with them? (link)

The council agreed to redevelop Princesshay as I was beginning to look old and it was loosing customers/money. They also decided to refurbish it as Exeter were bombed. I think it was a good idea/ agree with them because they get lots of publicity, and are now getting day to day customers shopping.


4.   List some of the objections by local people to the Princesshay redevelopment.  (link)

 The fear of losing old historical facts and features beneath the buildings.

 Threats to health and viability of the city.


5.   Define the following terms used in the resource:
Mixed land use- using land for more than one use.


Conservation- keeping something the same, keeping the old historical object/features there.


Revitalize- making it a more interesting and more exciting place to be.


Regeneration- renewal (renewing all buildings)


Sustainable urban redevelopment- must meet the social needs for people whilst  conserving the environment and enhancing the local economy.

Section 106 agreement-



6.   Do you think that Princesshay has revitalized the CBD of Exeter? Explain your answer using evidence from the virtual tour. (link)

Yes, i think that the CBD of Exeter has become alot more intresting and a more exciting enviroment to be in. It also has features of old historical objects and statues, still standing in particular spots around princesshay.



7.   Is Princesshay a good example of a sustainable redevelopment? How far does it address the three components of sustainability. (link)


Urbanisation, is a pysical growths in a city.(Urban areas)

This is a photo of shanghai, in china. this a citie that has gone through urbanisation.


(This attachment is my diagram of the 5W’s)


This map ‘ Choropleth map showing % of urbanisation population in differant countries’ shows you where most urbanisation is happening to.

This graph is showing the rate of urbanisation. It shows how the rural population dropped, where as the urban population grew incredibly.